Find the Best Options for Back Sprain Treatment

At Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness, we not only treat back pain, we find the source and work to correct it for the long-term. This approach comes from the philosophy that the big picture is critical to musculoskeletal health.

What this means for back sprain treatment is that sometimes pain is related to habits or routine rather than isolated incidents. In other cases, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition.

Back sprains and strains are caused by tissue injuries from sudden or repetitive stress.

We offer free consultations, so call and talk with us about how we can help you get moving again.

Professionals who understand the origins of musculoskeletal pain

Our group of chiropractic physicians and physical therapists take a panoramic snapshot of your health history and discover a path to healing your back sprain accordingly. Chiropractic visits can help you understand how simple adjustments to your daily routine can turn your body into its own “miracle” healer!
Back Sprain Treatment in Portland by Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness
Talk to us if you’re experiencing any of these back strain symptoms:

  • Low back pain that extends downward into the buttocks
  • Persistent low or mid back pain (more than ten days)
  • Muscle spasms during activity or rest
  • Low back stiffness or limited range of motion
  • Pain that limits correct posture

Lumbar Muscle Strains Resulting from Injury or Overuse

Lumber or lower back strains are very common. And because this area is so integral to supporting the spine, when its ligaments are stretched it can be very debilitating. The good news is that back sprains and pulled muscles are treatable. In fact, with steady chiropractic care, patients can expect a full recovery.

If you’re worried about developing a back strain or sprain, here are some helpful tips to prevent this type of injury:

  1. Get in the habit of keeping your abdomen strong and supportive by doing crunches or sit-ups
  2. Avoid bending down to lift heavy objects. Get help if needed.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight. Additional weight in the midsection can put strain on back muscles.
  4. Sit and stand up straight. Mom was right – don’t slouch! Practicing good posture has limitless benefits. If you have a hard time remembering, join a yoga studio. Support from others does wonders for keeping us on the path to wellness.

Low Back Strain Relief from a Caring Team in Southwest Portland

Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness in Portland looks thoroughly at your medical history and provides examinations that lead to an accurate diagnosis. Your treatment plan will depend on your unique condition but can include a wide range of therapies including at-home exercises, massage, and hands-on spinal manipulation techniques.

With the right methods, chiropractic enables your body to actually heal itself; restoring mobility without medication or surgery.