Top 8 Ways To Be Prepared For A Car or Bike Accident
November 8, 2017
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January 5, 2018

Top 5 Strategies For Safe Driving &

Minimizing The Risk Of An Accident (1.3 min read)

Along with Portland’s annual growth, traffic is not improving. According to TomTom travel index research, there’s a 29% increase in travel time (an overall 3% increase from a year ago.) Here are some easy ways to minimize the possibility of accident.

Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of An Accident

  1. Reduce driving distractions. Always choose a playlist before you drive or delegate to a passenger not driving to be the DJ. Take the time to pull over if any major changes need attention. It’s not worth it to be moving at high speeds and finding a certain song on a device at the same time. If your car has a type of voice command system, learn how to use it. It’s pretty amazing how much better these systems have become over the last few years.
  2. Profile 3-4 cars both in front and behind you. If you scan the road as far out as possible and keeping scanning for changes, you can notice ahead of time whoever is not supporting the flow of traffic or driving erratically.
  3. Increase your following distance for emergency stopping. If you get distracted, this extra buffer will give you more space to slow down, and avoid getting rear ended.
  4. Drive proactively with the idea that no one else is looking out for you. Even that Smart car 3 lanes over wants to hit you. Just imagine in a split second the Smart car wants your lane, and quick darts over. It sounds like that will never happen, but it does.
  5. Minimize your blind spots. Most cars don’t have blind spot detection, take the time to  adjust your mirrors so you either eliminate, or greatly reduce your blind spots. This Car & Driver article has a few great points about this if you’re interested.


If you are involved in an accident, it’s critical to get checked in a timely fashion, or you risk hurting your case if an attorney is involved later to support your financial recovery. Another blog post of mine covers the legalities you should be aware of if the worst should happen: Top 8 Ways To Be Prepared For A Car or Bike Accident


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