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October 18, 2017
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Top 8 Ways To Be Prepared For A Car or Bike Accident

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Accidents happen, driving ability is sometimes impaired, weather conditions change, sometimes people drive erratically when their sense of direction is confused. Before the worst case scenario happens, here’s some practical things to understand ahead of time to minimize the negative impact.

  1. Increase your PIP (personal injury protection) to the maximum allowed (if you haven’t already.) If/when you are healing from an accident, the last thing you need, is stressing over your PIP running out before you fully recover, and potentially draining financial reserves from paying out of pocket.
  2. Year round bike commuters: You have two options for getting PIP coverage, A.) Get a cheap car as collateral for getting the insurance, then get the maximum PIP coverage. (PIP coverage legally covers you on your bike because you are a “moving vehicle” by law, subject to traffic violations the same as a car.) B.) Ask a friend or family member permission to add you as a driver to their policy. You pay them the increase in insurance, and you now have PIP coverage for when you are on your bike. Keep in mind, if you are hit by a car on your bike, you need at least one witness to corroborate the incident to the insurer to qualify for PIP coverage. (Having this coverage is far better than nothing.)
  3. Create contact cards. Each party needs to exchange information, and if you are in shock, you’re not 100% to do this manually with ease. You can simply copy your insurance card so you have a few copies. Below is a template I would recommend, and it has all the details needed. You should keep a few blank ones too so you can fill them out based on the other parties information
  4. Document the incident. Record all the details you can. Take pictures of the area, the cars/bikes involved, license plates, and anything you think might be important.
  5. Call the police to respond, they are an objective, unbiased reviewers of the accident. If police are not able to respond, file a police report as soon as you can, either later that day or the next. This can be helpful in your case if you need to hire an attorney later to support financial recovery.
  6. Don’t admit fault. Don’t say sorry, or anything else that might incriminate you, and don’t blame others. Your only duty immediately after the accident is to make sure the accident is documented, injured people are helped, and you leave with all the information needed to move forward with repair and recovery.
  7. Identify a medical team ahead of time to help you. If you are ever injured, (say you had a brain injury, reading and screen time can be limited, and researching online could induce worse headaches), and your chances of choosing an experienced provider may be reduced. Kinds of practitioners you might need:
    1. A naturopathic physician to test and evaluate your blood work or saliva for knowing if your body’s internal mineral deficiencies, digestive issues, or hormone imbalances, that may be holding you back from maximum healing speed.
    2. A neurologist to test for any brain injury and how badly you are affected by your TBI.
    3. An experienced chiropractor for specific adjustments to correct any neck, back, and hip imbalances. A chiropractor who understands the stages of healing and how care changes with each stage.  
    4. An acupuncturist specializing in treating post trauma and has gentle methods that are conducive to resetting & supporting the body’s subtle energy systems.
    5. A physical therapist for helping you identify weak joints or muscles that need therapeutic attention.
    6. A body worker for supporting soft tissue repair.

*Special Note: All of these things are covered by your PIP insurance.

  1. Identify trusted legal support for personal injury recovery ahead of time. Having a lawyer specializing in personal injury recovery greatly increases your chances of financially recovering from your accident. They handle all the communication with insurers, and help you set up any disability wage loss benefits that are attached to your PIP insurance.


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