How can our chiropractic doctors help you?

Doctors of chiropractic medicine treat a wide range of conditions. You may benefit from our services and not even know it! Many people only consider seeking chiropractic care after an accident or sports-related injury, but we can help you live better every single day even if you’re perfectly healthy. At Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness you’ll receive leading care from one of the areas most well-regarded chiropractic doctors in Portland.

What conditions can a chiropractic doctor treat?

What does a chiropractor do?

Dr. McBride has extensive experience and received his doctorate from the University of Western States. He never stops training. Chiropractic care is always developing. New advancements in methodology and whole body health allow for better patient treatments. Dr. McBride understands this and attends regular education seminars while remaining up-to-date on industry best practices.

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A chiropractor uses a wide variety of methods to manipulate the body. These manipulations work to restore nervous system pathways, release pressure, and realign spinal discs. This is what a chiropractor accomplishes when a patient goes in for a manual adjustment. Dr. McBride understands this isn’t the only step towards wellness. He also helps patients adjust their diets and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle through exercise.

Is personalized chiropractic care right for you?

Have you considered the way traditional medicine treats patients? You see a doctor, they ask a few questions, you get prescribed the same medication as a million other patients. The symptoms of your illness might be treated, but the root cause goes unaddressed. A chiropractic doctor operates differently. We treat every patient independently. That’s why each visit begins with a comprehensive intake assessment.
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Intake procedures – Every new patient fills out a health history assessment and patient exam. When it comes to your health, the past can impact the present. We want to look at every possible cause. This also helps Dr. McBride determine whether or not your symptoms may be caused by a problem that requires a specialist such as with organs or cancer.

Customized care – We customize our treatments to the patient. This is based on a wide range of factors. We consider patient mobility, history, symptoms, and additional factors when creating a treatment plan. Your health and wellness are our first concern. Helping you achieve them is our priority.

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