Chiropractors in Downtown Portland at Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness

Get to Know a Great Team of Chiropractors in Downtown Portland

Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness is a reputed clinic in Downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square. Guided by the ever-evolving expertise of Dr. McBride, patients see a marked improvement in mobility, reduced pain, and overall wellness.

Find out how taking a superior approach to spine health opens up pathways that traditional medicine and more invasive methods tend to overlook.

In a growing city with so many choices for health care, we show our gratitude by taking pride in our commitment to developing personalized treatment plans and delivering the best, most effective care available.

Improve Your Health and Mobility with a Skilled and Intuitive Chiropractor

Dr. McBride sees the whole picture of your health. Knowing that total wellness is multifaceted and involves adjustments in nutrition, lifestyle, posture, and even attitude means that chiropractic care is more than spinal manipulation; it’s health manipulation!

The team at Pioneer offers massage therapy, take-home exercise strategies, and chiropractic as a complete package to ensure that your body learns to heal and guard itself against the stresses of urban living.

Spinal manipulation techniques restore nervous system pathways, release pressure, a realign spinal discs. In itself, this repairs damage and better prepares the body for the natural breakdown of bones and tissue as we age. But the body is a complex system and chiropractic methods provide relief for a host of chronic ailments such as:

Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness is Your Partner in Leading a Healthier, Happier Life

Anybody can benefit from chiropractic, not just those experiencing pain or discomfort. We work with a diverse population which is why we don’t limit ourselves to a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Call our clinic if you’re interested in achieving better mobility and helping your body age gracefully into the future.

Our office is located centrally, across from Nordstrom Downtown Portland on SW Broadway and Morrison St. and easily accessible by all TriMet MAX train lines.