Chiropractic Care for Degenerative Joint Disease Treatment

Degenerative joint disease can be excruciating. It can make even simple tasks incredibly painful, causing cartilage loss and direct joint contact. Occurring in hands, hip joints, knees, and other high use areas; finding an effective medical treatment can be difficult. When the condition is identified early Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness can provide you with effective degenerative joint disease treatment in Portland.

What are the symptoms of DJD?

  • Joint pain before or after moving
  • Tenderness in your joints
  • Joint stiffness, especially in the morning

  • Loss of joint range of motion
  • A “grating” feeling during joint use
  • The formation of bone spurs around a joint

Joint pain relief in Portland

Treating Arthritis with a Chiropractic Care

When you first come in for treatment Dr. McBride will perform a full exam and medical history. Treatment will depend largely on the progression of your arthritis and where it is located. Our practice focuses on the right treatment for the individual. If we believe a treatment will not improve your condition, we will not perform it. Inflammatory arthritis like osteoarthritis is best treated with several management methods that can alleviate it at the source as well as help reduce severity in the long term.

Manipulation Techniques – These may be performed on the spine as well as the affected area. Dr. McBride is trained in the most effective manipulation methods for treating arthritic conditions. This can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and increase your range of motion.

Exercise – Specific exercises can help strengthen your joints. Dr. McBride will work with you to tailor an exercise regime to your level of mobility and that targets your areas of inflammation. These can help restore mobility and improve range of motion.

Dietary Changes – There are many foods that can exacerbate arthritis. Whether your pain is caused by DJD or inflammatory arthritis, inflammation will occur around the joints. A diet that reduces inflammatory foods while increasing your intake of naturally anti-inflammatory foods can help you body to naturally insulate itself from the negative effects of the condition.

Contact us right away.

The sooner you start taking proactive measures, the better. We’re with you at every step of the way and can help you reduce your dependence on medication while increasing your quality of life. Our Portland clinic is equipped to provide you with the personalized healing you need, so call or contact us today.

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