Nicholas McBride DC

Dr. McBride received his doctorate in chiropractic from the award winning University of Western States (UWS) here in Portland.  At UWS, he was taught the most current techniques and research by several of the Northwest’s best doctors in chiropractic, and other health care professions.

Along with the UWS education, he spends countless hours perfecting and expanding his treatment skills by staying up to-date on current research, and attending educational seminars regularly. All, in turn, to help you recover and achieve wellness in a shorter time period.

Staying health and fit is a part of Dr. McBride’s life as well.  He is an avid recreational runner and cyclist.  Spending the weekends and week nights running with his dog Kane or taking in a long bike ride help keep his own mental and physical shape in top notch.  Dr. McBride experienced the benefits of chiropractic care for a multitude of injuries he has sustained, including a bulging vertebrae disc in his lower neck.  Along with running and cycling he also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, wake-boarding, and simply spending time out and about in the great Northwest.

Dr. McBride Is happily married to his wife Brittany, and they have a little baby boy named Kellan.  Dr. McBride keeps both of them healthy through chiropractic care.   Dr. McBride has really enjoyed fatherhood, and looks forward to watching the little man grow up.

Helping patients reduce pain and soreness and reach their health goals is what really drives Dr. McBride. Seeing patients come in to the office in discomfort and leave feeling great is what keeps him going.  Hopefully some day soon, Dr. McBride can help you as well.