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Neck Pain Portland
Car accidents are a common source of neck injuries, however, most other types of neck pain are caused by a variety of lifestyle habits. A daily routine involving hours of poor posture at work or an awkward sleeping position causes a remarkable amount of strain on the muscles in your neck.

Unfortunately, we don’t even see it coming until a chronic condition has developed. The good news is that these habits can be reversed over time with proper care.

No matter how you’ve hurt your neck, our Portland clinic can help relieve the pain at its source. At Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness we listen┬áto our patients in order to identify and treat the cause of pain and assist you in taking the necessary steps back to a life free of neck discomfort.

What is causing my neck pain?

Neck pain can occur for a number of reasons. Here are some common triggers:

  • Pinched nerves due to shifted vertebrae. These shifts can occur because of:
    • Sleep position – Stomach sleepers and those who use flat pillows are more likely to suffer from pinched nerves.
    • Neck position – Poor neck position while sleeping wrong, sitting, or performing repetitive motions can shift vertebrae.
    • Hyper-extension – Overextension or quick movements during an accident or exercise may be to blame.
  • Stretches and tears caused by whiplash. sudden trauma can compress discs, tear tendons and ligaments, and cause scar tissue buildup. The sooner this is addressed the better the treatment opportunities will be.

The Right Neck Pain Treatment for You.

The first step at our clinic is a comprehensive patient intake. We’ll perform a full medical history and exam in order to make sure our clinic can provide you with the best treatment. Neck muscle pain is sometimes a symptom of specific illnesses that may be better addressed by an area specific specialist. We want to make sure provide the right specialist for you before moving forward with treatment.

We treat conditions including:

  • Cervical sprain injuries
  • Degenerative joint syndrome of the neck
  • Whiplash

  • Facet joint sprain
  • Certain cervical intervertebral disc injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Our Chiropractors Offer Safe Neck Pain Relief.

A stiff neck can be a big distraction, hindering your daily activities and decreasing your range of motion. Don’t let the condition worsen before seeking professional neck pain treatment.

Maybe you’re suffering from headaches that you suspect are related to cervical imperfections. Don’t risk trying to solve the problem with painkillers alone. Medication can play an important role in healing, but dosage and frequency are best determined by a licensed physician.

Some of our neck pain relief options include:

    • Massage therapy
    • Neck pain relief exercises
    • Muscle conditioning
    • Stretching techniques
    • Activity modification
    • Rehabilitative or physical therapy


Our services take a holistic wellness approach.

After the initial history intake and physical exam, our doctors will typically recommend various types of compression and stretching interspersed with periodic adjustments. Treatment frequency will vary based on progress and level of relief from your neck pain. More conservative treatments like activity modification may be the best course of action for some patients suffering from neck discomfort, whereas interventional treatments like physically therapy are best for acute cases.

In addition to our clinic services, our chiropractors will provide you with advice on neck pain relief exercises you can do at home. We can also discuss ongoing physical therapy or muscle conditioning for a neck injury, depending on the scale of the problem. This may include spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and manual joint stretching.

Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness will work with you to narrow down the best neck pain treatment options for your individual needs. As always, we consider how to achieve proper cervical functioning through sustainable lifestyle improvements.

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