Our Approach To Wellness

What is Wellness?

One of the most important elements of physical wellness is proper alignment and movement. A body that operates in this way avoids unnecessary pain and difficulty in performing activities–from the most everyday movements to strenuous exercise. We at Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness aim to treat your whole body, rather than just the typical aches-and-pains symptoms. Wellness is about maintenance, and with our services we will help you both quickly reach and sustainably maintain a sense of physical wellness.

How We Help

No two patients present the same symptoms. Even though the problems might be similar, the discomfort will present differently for each person.  Along with different symptoms, each patient responds differently to treatment.  In order to maximize recovery, each patient receives a full examination and customized treatment that helps identify the true cause of the pain. Dr. McBride will use a combination of the following techniques to help you achieve optimal function in the shortest time possible.

Each patient will receive a combination of focused soft tissue work, and chiropractic adjustments. The bodies muscular system and skeletal system work in unison, so they both must be treated in order to achieve improved function with less pain.

Customized treatment includes a specialized combination of the following:

  • Diversified care using drop table adjusting
  • Low force techniques
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Stretching
  • Deep pressure massage
  • Kenesio taping
  • Specialized exercises
  • Hot / Cold therapy
  • Ergonomic assessments