Radiating Leg Pain Portland

What is radiating leg pain?

This condition is caused by pain from a damaged nerve traveling down from the lower spine. The effect is a numb, burning, or “pins and needles” sensation in one leg. Irritation is usually concentrated in the calf or back of the thigh but can extend as far as the foot.

Pain in the joints and muscles is rarely an isolated incident. Lower back problems can be an important clue to the cause of this kind of leg pain, which is why our chiropractors start by asking about your medical history and if you’ve been experiencing discomfort in other, potentially related areas. Compression of the sciatic nerve, for example, is a common cause of radiating leg pain.

We can help if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  1. Lower back aches.
  2. Pain related to the sciaticĀ or radicular nerve.
  3. Pain that worsens when standing still or sitting down.
  4. Pressure, tingling sensations, or numbness in one leg.

Treat your leg pain with individualized care.

Physical wellness is critical to a fulfilled life – from everyday activities like preparing meals and taking walks, to high-energy hobbies like hiking and cycling. When radiating leg pain develops, it’s easy to treat the symptoms. However, this method isolates the problem and increases the likelihood that pain will resurface. Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness knows how to connect the dots.

A body that routinely operates with proper alignment and motion is less likely to develop musculoskeletal aches and pains in the first place. Our approach treats the body as an interconnected whole, which helps you achieve optimal function in the shortest amount of time possible.

How we treat your radiating leg pain.

Our doctors at Pioneer Chiropractic & Wellness in Portland have years of experience in this profession and know that pain doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Radiating leg pain can be traced back to sciatica which is caused by a lumbar or herniated spinal disc. Our treatment involves the big picture by looking at these types of connections.

Our process starts with:

  • Taking a comprehensive medical history that looks as far back as your childhood for possible causes of current conditions.
  • A specialized exam to help determine whether chiropractic treatment is the appropriate option for your issue.

Don’t let radiating leg pain hinder your lifestyle. Contact us today for quality treatment you can count on.

No two bodies are the same, and every patient responds to treatment differently. This awareness is why we customize our care to your needs through a variety of special exercises, massage, hot/cold therapy, and more.